Faculty Bios


Full-Time Faculty and Staff


David Baczko

B.A. Georgetown University

M.A University of Vermont

Independent Study Coordinator

English 10, English 11




Tom Bresnehan

Tom Bresnehan

B.A. Bowdoin College

Study Hall Coordinator

Activities Coordinator

Physics 9, Advanced Physics, Astronomy, Introduction to Engineering





Christian Burch

Christian Burch

B.S. Brigham Young University

Professional Residency in Environmental Education, Teton Science School

Currently on Sabbatical




Robin Cameron

Robin Cameron

B.A. Amherst College

M.S. Montana State University

Professional Residency in Environmental Education, Teton Science Schools

Head of Science and Art Departments

Experiential Program Co-Coordinator

School Photographer

Biology, Photography






B.S. University of Michigan

M.A. University of Michigan

M.S. University of Vermont

Community Service Coordinator

Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Advanced Mathematical Decision Making





Amy Fulwyler

B.A. Dartmouth College

M.A. University of Oregon

Dean of Faculty/Interim Director of Admissions

Senior Project Coordinator

Contemporary International Affairs, Modern China and Japan





Stacey Grohne

Stacey Grohne

B.A. Appalachian State University

Advisory Coordinator

Algebra 2, Honors Algebra 2, Adv. Environmental Science, Health





David Heinemann

David Heinemann

B.A. College of William and Mary

M.Ed. University of Texas

Director of College Counseling

Academic Dean

Honor Council Facilitator





Karen Hodges

Karen Hodges

Director of Operations

Educational Opportunities Coordinator




Cheryl Katz

B.A. University of Michigan

M.A. Teachers College, Columbia University

Head of History Department

History 10, History 11





Liz King

B.A. Carleton College

Ph.D. University of Wisconsin

Director of Development




Blair Loughrie

B.A. James Madison University

M.A. James Madison University

Calendar and Program

Senior Project Assistant

Spanish 1 and 2





Smith Maddrey

Smith Maddrey

B.A. Davidson College

Head of English Department

Experiential Program Co-Coordinator

English 9, English 12






Max Roach

B.A. Westminster College

M.Ed. Western Governors University

Fellow of Independent School Leadership, Vanderbilt University

Head of School





Burr Storrs

B.A. Ohio Wesleyan University

M.S. University of Wyoming

Ed.S. University of Wyoming

Head of Math Department

Honors Pre-Calculus, Calculus AB, Calculus BC





Roxana Gastañaga Wortman

B.A. Universidad Catolica de Santa Maria, Perú

M.A. Middlebury College

Spanish 3 and 4, Spanish Literature



Part-Time Faculty and Staff


Patricia Fontanini

B.A. Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

B.A. California State University

World Language Department Mentor/Consultant




Peter Ginsbury

B.A. Wheaton College

Post-Bac Teaching Certification, Upper Valley Educators Institute

History 12




Kenny Hadden

B.A. Colgate University

Professional Residency in Environmental Education, Teton Science Schools

M.A. Antioch University

Jazz Ensemble, Music Theory




Ben Morris

Ben Morris

B.A. Williams College

Post-Bac Teaching Certification Lewis Clark State College





Karen Parent

Karen Parent

B.A. Barnard College

M.Arch. Columbia University

Architecture 1 and 2




Shannon Troxler

Schuler School of Fine Arts

Visual Arts 1, 2, and 3




Li Wang

B.A. Xi'an Fanyi University

Mandarin 1 and 2


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