Jackson Hole Community School

Graduation Requirements


Academic Requirements


Twenty-two credits (22) are required to graduate with seventeen required credits and five elective credits. One credit is awarded for each passing grade (minimum 60%) in a full year course in a particular subject. (Students must complete both semesters of a full year course in order to earn this single credit.) In addition, requirements for activities, community service, and senior projects must be met. These are outlined below. All students are encouraged to be enrolled in six courses each semester during their freshman and sophomore years, five courses each semester during their junior and senior years. Exceptions to these course load requirements can be made by the Academic Dean in unique circumstances. Within the required twenty-two credits, the following area distribution requirements should be met:


Required Credits

Department Credits
English               4
Foreign Language 3
History               3
Mathematics       3
Science              3
Arts                   1

Required credits necessary to graduate: 17
Elective credits necessary to graduate: 5
Total credits necessary for graduation: 22


Senior Project

The Senior Project is designed to be a culmination of a student's experience at the Jackson Hole Community School. Throughout the course of their second semester, seniors research a topic of their choice that encompasses a societal, national, and/or world issue. All seniors formally present their findings to a panel of JHCS faculty and community experts. Further details here.


Community Service Requirements
All Students: Annual September school-wide 1/2 day of community service
Freshmen & Sophomores: Annual October 1/2 day of community service
Juniors & Seniors: 30 independent community service hours


Activity Requirements
Each student must participate in one (1) extracurricular activity and one (1) athletic activity per school year. JHCS offers one athletic equivalent per season. Students can also meet the requirement through participation in activities and athletics at JHHS or through volunteering, theater, or an internship or job. Individualized athletic programs, such as dance, figure skating, or skiing, may fulfill part of the yearly requirement.

Typical Program of Study

Ninth Grade:
Foundations in Literature

Physics (Quantitative or Conceptual)
Historical and Cultural Foundations
World Language 1 or 2
Elective (art or other) 

Health (required)


Tenth Grade:
Exploration of World Literature
Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus

Studies in World History

World Language 2 or 3
Elective (art or other)

Eleventh Grade:
American Literature
Algebra II, Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus

US History
World Language 3 or 4

Elective (art or other)

Twelfth Grade:
American Literature, Magical Realist Literature
Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus, Calculus
Advanced level Environmental Science or Physics
History Elective
World Language 4 or 5

Elective (art or other)
Senior Project (second semester)

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