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Town Hall - October 9, 2012

October 09, 2012
By Cory Helm


Town Hall

9 October 2012

Spotlight: Henry: Super Smash Bros


Ruby: Come watch the Dance Team at halftime during the football game

Fuller: Saturday morning, 10:30 5K walk to raise awareness about strokes

Smith: Get Minimester forms into Smiths mailbox by lunch tomorrow

Christian: 12th meet with John, 10th Meet with David, 11th and 9th meet with Christian,

David: College visits, check whiteboard for visiting colleges.

PSAT takes place on October 17,

Thursday at 6:30 there is a casestudy at the highschool, learn how college process works

Tom: turn in activity forms. Cleaning: put clean-ish rags back on shelf dirty ones go into bag

Flim Analysis Club: Watched Jaws, created a fear of the unknown, what you couldn't see, scared you, first education for many on Sharks.

John: Community service option. If interested in scaring people, contact Riot Act

Nicky: Last volleyball game Friday at 4:30

Tyler: Don't take supplies out of rooms, if you do, put them back in the correct room.

Henry: remember to reply to email, if you didn't receive it, send email to



Cross county team: boys won, girls got 3rd.

Christian: Aviva and McKinley applied and got accepted to be in a Student Human Rights Conference , Sydney's photo was chosen to represent the Teton Raptor Center in an add

Victor: Amanda went to a photography camp and took awesome pictures


Town Hall - October 2, 2012

October 02, 2012
By Cory Helm


Town Hall

2 October 2012


Advisory tomorrow- Look at whiteboard to see where you meet with advisors.

Dan- Created an album, release is this week

Kenny- service option: trail work day on Snow King, see community service board for more info.

Henry- Dress up day Thursday. Teachers as Students and Students as Teachers, dress code appropriate

· Sending out email survey, answer questions as soon as possible

Margret Hutton- Trip to Cuba during spring break to do community service, six spots are available

Smith- MiniMester 2012-2013

· Week before spring break

· Scholarships are available for traveling trips

· Turn in paper with choices into Simth’s mail box by 10 October 2012. MUST BE SIGNED BY PARENT!!!

· See email from Scott for more info regarding the trips

· Trips in Jackson

o How Machines Work: Led by Burr and Tom

o The Art of Filmmaking: Led by Scott

o Ceramics: Led by Sam Dowd (JH Art Association)

o Culinary Arts of the Tetons: Led by Stacey

o Habitat for Hummanity: Led by Matt

· Travel Trips

o Art in the City: Led by Christian and Robin

o Backcountry Skiing and Avalanche Safety: Led by AAI Instructor and Kenny

o Dirty Devil Canyoneering: Led by Smith and NOLS Instructor

o Oregon Shakespeare Festival: Led by John and Amy

o The Turning Point: Decisive Times in the Civil War: Led by David, Cheryl and Dr. Heinemann (David’s Father)




Hailey won her horse competition!

Fuller for getting 4th place at state for tennis!

Tyler for being nominated for lacrosse coach of the year!!!

James L. and soccer team for winning fall classic!

Town Hall - April 24, 2012

April 30, 2012
By Ellie Finnegan


Town Hall: April 24, 2012
Spotlight- Peter Neal- Junior National Nordic Ski Race
Fuller Ross
  • Home JH Lacrosse games coming up this weekend- see Fuller or other JH Lax team members for more dates and times
Tyler H
  • Please remember to clean up after yourself at lunch both in the commons as well as outdoors (this includes books as well as food)


  • 9th -11th School Trip- Salt Lake City will be happening the last week of school! If there is a reason why you absolutely cannot make it, please let Karen know WELL in advance
  • Please be continue to use caution driving, the Flat Creek Busness Center (where our school is) is full of young children, fast drivers, and blind corners!


  • National Trails Day is happening June 2nd , this day is a huge for community service! If you interested, let Kenny know
  • Wednesday Advisory- one-on-one with your adviser and study hall
  • 6 o’clock this Thursday night at the Jackson Elementary School there will be a presentation on the JH Ghana Trip- Please come and support the project and your friends
  • Spring independent activity forms (this includes LAX) need to be turned in by the end of the year- please stay on top of it! Seniors, you will not graduate if your hours are not complete
  • Word to the Wise II- doors open at 8, if you get there within the first half hour admission is free! $5 if you show up later, food and free sodas will be available. Come and support our local artists and your peers
Sarah French
  • Saturday May 19th- Climbing trip to Lander! Sign up by the 30th, prices vary depending on the number of people who come
-Congrats to Cory for her second nationally published poem!
-Kudos to Matt for a great article in the paper on the JH Costa Rica trip
-Big thanks to all the moms and students who helped out with today's Hot Lunch!
-HS Orchastra and Emilie J. for winning Superior in JHHS Orchestra!
-Hooray for the JHCS Seniros! Last week, way to be the best class ever!!
-Emily Poole for winning the Grand Targhee Music Festival poster competition! Keep your eyes out for her art work this summer during the time of the fest!
-Stella for being awarded an outstanding scholarship
-Students who passed the 90% Test in Spanish
-All Seniors who were awarded local shoclarships this past weekend
-Juniors for taking on the ACT this Tuesday

What was Camelot?
A place where people parked their camels!

Town Hall - April 17, 2012

April 20, 2012
By Ellie Finnegan


Town Hall April 17, 2012
Liz J- Gia Wellness
Guest Speaker:
Margret Huton- Mission Experience and Mission Trips to Cuba
-Paid internship with the Planet available for the summer, great for social media experience—see Scott for details
-Unique experience auction: There will be a student auction section, think of something you could donate (babysitting, computer tech skills, tutoring, etc.) Contact Sarah if you have something to offer
-Free Poetry Event at the library, see flyer for more details
National Day of Silence this Friday for gay and lesbian rights—to participate, see Tara and wear red
JHHS Home Soccer Games!
-3 Varsity girls, JV Boys
-5 Varsity boys, JV Girls
-Chorus opportunity for next year! Keep your eyes and ears open for this sign up. This will include lessons, how to sing in an goups, learning to sight read, local performances
-A month left of Navy Seals! Not too late to sign up!
-After lunch, please take a minute to clean up your space
-Russian Club Event! Film Showing this Thursday at 7: Russian Arc. A glimpse of the past 300 years of Russian History—an amazing 90 film all taken in a single shot. Please help set up the commons after school
-End of the third grading period: this is an important day for off campus privileges! Keep your grades up, and get everything in by this Friday.
-Course sign ups! In two weeks you will receive a class catalogue for next year, you will be signing up on Ren Web
-Seniors- If you have made your decision for which college you are going to attend, please inform the other school you have been accepted to but are not attending
Tyler H:
-If you make a mess please clean up after yourself.
-Spanish Speakers- The community is making push to get ppl who are interested in teaching language in the duel emersion-teaching program. Meeting at the HS next wed 25 at 1050 in 2331—See Amy for more details
-Teton county Model UN next November! Check you emails for applications, spots needed for some great positions
Happy Birthday Peter and Wilden!
Thank you Peter for the cake
Freshman debaters in History, nice job
Emily for wining the Targhee Music Fest
Schuyler, Fuller, and Cade for helping the middle School LAX team in IF
Seniors for a great senior skip day!
Esther and Ariella for dancing a lot this weekend
Smith M for being Ultimate Frisbee Player of the Year
What do an island and the letter 'T' have in common?
They both are in the middle of waTer :D

Town Hall - April 10, 2012

April 18, 2012
By Ellie Finnegan


Town Hall: 10th of April


Eric B. Rotary Exchange



Class rings are finished! Seniors, see Parker to collect your spectacular ring!


JHCS March Madness oracles- Sam F (3rd), Stacy (2nd), and Christian (1st)!


Teachers, there will be an AP meeting tomorrow

Juniors, if you missed lunch meetings come see David to catch what you missed


More Community Service opportunities coming up!

Eco Fair (May 12) See Kenny for more info

Latino Resource Center: Cinco De Mayo celebrations! See Kenny for more info


Advisory tomorrow: Coffee Talk! Last time for our seniors :(


Word to the Wise Event (#2) -- Check your facebook or see Dan for more details on dates and times


Juniors, JHHS would really like you all to help out with prom this year! There will be a junior prom committee formed at the public high school, see Sawyer to sign up or for more information


Juniors, please bring all of your research stuff to class tomorrow to work on in class!


Congratulations and job well done to the students who went to Costa Rica with Matt!

Happy Birthday! Reed, Tyler M, and Kyle E (today) and David (Monday)

Cory for her 1st place Young Author accomplishment!

Tyler for his 12th grade 1st in the Young Author poetry competition!

Creel for doing astounding in his tennis tournament in Vegas

Matt for leading a very successful trip to Costa Rica

Peter for coming in first in the PPP Men's division

Parker’s father Jetter, Parker, and Jake for creating the senior class ring



How do you catch a unique rabbit?

Unique up on it!

How do you catch a normal one?

The tame way!

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