Jackson Hole Community School

Student Experience


The Jackson Hole Community School student experience is as unique as it is engaging. Our curriculum is based on a rigorous college preparatory foundation. We also focus on creating meaningful and engaging student experiences. We recognize that “one size” does not “fit all.”


Here are some memorable aspects of the JHCS Community:


  • Annual all-school community service and team building. At the beginning of each school year, we take time to connect and celebrate what makes JHCS so special—community!  

  • World class teachers. Our expectations are as high for ourselves as they are for our students. Sourcing the nation’s talent pool, we hire energetic and charismatic subject specialists who create classroom experiences that cannot be replicated.

  • A unique culture. Although our courses are demanding, the Community School's culture is “Jackson casual.” Our students are on a first name basis with our teachers and administrators, yet mutual respect is developed via meaningful and genuine relationships.

  • Place-based education. We get out of the classroom and engage our local resources to contextualize and deepen learning.   

  • Athletic opportunities. Our students participate in local high school athletics through a partnership with the Teton County School District. They also join local sports clubs, such as the Jackson Hole Ski Club, Jackson Hole Youth Hockey, and others. JHCS works closely with coaches and programs to ensure our students succeed in academics and athletics.

  • Senior Projects. To qualify for graduation, seniors must all complete an in-depth academic research and experiential learning project. The projects are presented and judged carefully. Many seniors count this as an unforgettable aspect of the Community School experience.  

  • Care for and knowledge of each member of our community as an individual. Students, faculty and administrators pride themselves on truly knowing each other. That knowledge comes with a deep level of respect, advocacy, and partnership. This is the heart of the Community School experience.    

It’s all about connection and community at JHCS! Stop in to see for yourself what makes this place so special.

"My experience at the Community School was like none other. At JHCS I felt welcomed and comfortable while still being pushed academically and receiving a world class education. Each and every teacher went above and beyond in order to give me and my peers every opportunity to succeed." 
—Peter Neal, JHCS Class of 2015 attending George Washington University

"Clark was so inspired by the day’s work yesterday, that he READ to my husband and I, from the textbook, at dinner. It is SO wonderful to see him inspired and excited about learning. Thank you for all you do."

—Parent of student in JHCS Class of 2018


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