Scholarship Sponsor

Graduate Commitment

            2014-2018: ~$75,000 for 4 years

Supporting a specific student’s high school experience will be a rewarding and life-changing experience for both you and the student.  Imagine watching as your student develops from a young, bright 13 year old to a college-bound graduate.  From the student’s perspective this level of personal commitment gives them an extra boost of confidence and a stronger will to reach higher and go further.  Without doubt, standing behind your student during this very important time in their life will be as gratifying as it is crucial to the student.  This program entails a four-year commitment to provide financial grants to students in need.  Tuition is $18,850 and increases at approximately 6% annually.


Annual Commitment

2013-2014: $18,850

Starting with an introduction letter and ending with an end of the year update letter, you will see first-hand how, in just one year, your support has changed a life.  Without the support from a sponsor this student would not be able to attend Jackson Hole Community School and receive the highest quality education.  Throughout the year you will get to know your student through letters that student writes personally to you.  You will be invited to attend all of your student’s events and important presentations.  This is an extremely rewarding, personal and crucial way to nurture intellectual curiosity and relationships that  last a lifetime.


Program Calendar

August: Orientation

You will receive a letter confirming your scholarship sponsor status with some basic information about your student and the program.  

October: Introduction

You will receive an introduction letter from your student that describes who they are “what makes them tick.”

February: Interest Update

In this mid-year “interest Update Letter” your student will describe their new and continued interests both in and outside of the classroom.

June: End of year Report

You will receive a letters from both your student and the School reporting on the progress and accomplishments of your student throughout the year.  

*Interested sponsors may also meet with their student on campus, outside of school and attend class presentations in which your student is involved. It is important to note, however, that the School is sensitive to each sponsor’s individual interest levels and we set no expectations for sponsor/student interaction.


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