Alumni Spotlight: Morgan Lunsford, Class of 2011

I will forever be grateful for my time at JHCS and how my experience there inspired me to become the person I am today. While I feel like I could not have been more academically prepared for college, the education I received at JHCS went far beyond academics. The students and faculty at JHCS embrace individuality and over my four years there, I grew comfortable with voicing my opinion and being a leader in the school community. However, the greatest impact from JHCS was the time spent as a school and individuals doing community service. I saw how giving back to your community makes a difference. I now proudly work for a non-profit called The Infinite Smile Project, which encourages kids to do acts of kindness and service in their communities. I’m not sure I would have been drawn to this non-profit if it wasn’t for my experience at JHCS. I look at the world and ask how I can make a difference and how my voice can be heard? My time at JHCS gave me the tools to go into the world confident that I can create the change I want to see.