Annual Fund Drive Leaders- Freshmen!!

We have reached the mid-point of the Annual Fund Drive and the Freshmen Class is in the lead with 80% of families participating. 
Sophomores and Juniors are tied at 65%
and the Seniors are bringing up the rear with 47%
Huge Thank You to everyone who has participated so far!

As some of you know, the cost of educating each student at The Community School this year is about $3,000 more per student than full tuition.  Covering that gap in our operating budget is crucial to ensuring that our kids receive the quality education that the school is committed to providing.  Additionally, The School has granted nearly $560,000 in financial aid and scholarships this year in order to fulfill its commitment to having a student body that is as dynamic and inclusive as possible. The Annual Fund Drive is The School's largest fundraising effort of the year, aimed at bridging this gap between tuition dollars and the critical needs of our students and teachers.  Just as important, we believe the success of the Annual Fund is a telling indicator of the culture of our school community.  Our dedication to philanthropy and supporting the mission and vision of the school enriches not only the quality of our kids’ education, but the community in which we live.


Your Annual Fund gift helps:

  • Support new offerings in academics and programs
  • Fund facilities and technological innovations
  • Provide scholarships and financial aid to deserving students


This year, in order to meet operating expenses, the school must raise $840,000. Most of that -- nearly $600,000 -- will be raised over the next two months. The rest will be raised at the JHCS Gala on May 1, 2020 (Please mark your calendars!).


That’s where parents and families come in!  Let's help make this year's fundraising drive a success by having 100% family participation!  It doesn't matter how much you give, as long as it is meaningful for your family. What’s important is that we all feel proud of contributing to the success of our school and championing the efforts and achievements of our students.  Any amount helps!