Stacey Grohne

How long have you been working in education? 

 I started teaching in 2001 and took a brief break for three years. So 15 years.

In what areas? 

I have taught math, science and health

How long at JHCS? 

12 years

What do you do outside working at JHCS? 

Play with my kids, run, ski, garden, ride my horse, go to the lake and travel.

What is your most rewarding part of the day at JHCS? 

It sounds kind of simple, but all the morning greetings I get from students as I start my day. That is the day to day reward; however, there are certain events that always stand out as most rewarding. For example, when a student tells you they really enjoyed something they did in your class. That's a huge reward.

What drew you to the field of education? 

It's fun! I love working with young adults and I love biology. It just made sense.