Stay Free Forever Presentation

Parents, as well as teachers and staff, are encouraged to attend.

Presentation: "Running my own life"

Guest presenter: Clifford Fewel.

Motivating speaker and founder of Stay Free Forever.

Wednesday, January 22nd

11:10-11:50 am

JHCS Commons



A retired corrections and parole officer, Clifford says, “Every day, in the juvenile diversion program arena in which I work, I encounter students from the extremes of our society as well as those in the middle. Whether their families are well-off financially, indigent, or just making it in the middle class, what these at-risk kids have in common is friends or acquaintances who influence them to stray from what they know to be right.  Corollary to this are many unreal expectations as to what success is and how to achieve it.” Come to the JHCS on Wednesday 01/22 to learn more. Cliff will be available after his presentation to answer questions and talk with anyone wishing to do so.