Robin Cameron

How long have you been working in education?

Over 20 years, if I count summer jobs. 

In what areas?

I've taught residential field science programs at Teton Science Schools, elementary art and pre-K at the American School of Milan, Italy, and at JHCS, I taught biology for ten years. Now, I continue to teach photography and science electives, and I serve as the Dean of Students.

How long at JHCS?

This is year 15. 

What do you do outside working at JHCS?

I spend time with my husband, two sons, and dog. We love being outside, whether we're exploring on foot, by bike, or in a boat. Recently, we've become very interested in gardening, which feels like one big science experiment that the boys really love.

What is your most rewarding part of the day at JHCS?

Interacting with students. Once I joined the administrative team, I started teaching fewer classes each day. I will never give up teaching completely, as direct interaction with the students is by far the most rewarding part of each day.

What drew you to the field of education?

I love that I am constantly learning alongside the students and that I am never bored. I particularly enjoy the creativity of planning new projects and lessons, and I find satisfaction in watching students stretch themselves and overcome frustrations and challenges. When students make connections between classroom activities and the world beyond our classroom walls, I know the learning will stick with them beyond school assessments.