Kristin Reville

How long have you been working in education? 

Two years teaching high school, 4 years teaching Grad School. 

In what areas?  

Environmental Microbiology, Geology, Soil Chemistry and Field Science

How long at JHCS? 

This is my second year at JHCS

What do you do outside working at JHCS? 

Raise my two sweet kids - Anna (grade 10) and Sam (grade 6).  I love hiking, running, skiing, tennis, outdoor family adventures and talking about science books. 

What is your most rewarding part of the day at JHCS?  

Getting to spend time in a classroom with this great age group.  They are really competent learners and are still willing to be convinced that a new topic is fascinating and fun to learn about.  And I love watching those student "Aha!!" moments when it all comes together.

What drew you to the field of education?

I love opening people’s eyes to the world of microbiology.  Most people have no idea how much those tiny organisms impact every ecosystem on earth and how well equipped they are to solve some of our biggest environmental problems. And it’s fun to try to inspire the next generation of great science thinkers!