Senior Clap Out, COVID-Style

Every year since the founding of the School, the students and faculty have lined the hallways of the school building and celebrated the seniors for their commitment to their studies and their school community by forming a procession line and applauding each senior as they walk through the halls and eventually exit the building on their last day.


With the COVID-19 virus in full swing, this tradition had to be altered to abide by town rules of social distancing.  Instead, the faculty gathered outside the school in the parking lot lined up in their vehicles. Wyoming state trooper, Adam Johnson (husband of Ashley, our Dean of Academic Affairs), with sirens and lights a blazing, escorted the seniors into our parking lot vehicle by vehicle as David and Karen slapped magnetic decals on car doors celebrating the class of 2020.  The seniors drove their cars through our parking lot as teachers clapped, yelled and honked their car horns cheering the students’ fantastic accomplishments over the last four years.  Congrats Class of 2020!