A Message from Amy and Manish

In the midst of a pandemic that has affected all of us to different degrees, the ugly truth of our continued struggle with racism in this nation feels overwhelming. We believe that the way forward lies in the realm of listening and learning with one’s mind and heart firmly open. Since our founding, The Community School has been committed to fostering critical thought, the ability to view the world from multiple perspectives, respect, and empathy. Our Honor Code and Philosophy celebrate these values and they are more important now than ever. Equally important is our dedication to fostering an equitable and inclusive community in our school and in our town. None of this is simple. Issues of inequality and racism are complicated and painful to confront. But the only way to make progress is to work through these issues together in community and with trust. We all have a role to play in making headway, regardless of our heritage or background. Even though we are not physically together as a school community right now, it is important to listen and learn from trusted, reputable sources of information and take steps to help our community and nation move closer to what we all want to see – a just, inclusive, equitable, and peaceful society. One of those steps can simply be to have productive conversations about race in this country. This resource from the National Museum of African American History and Culture provides a possible starting point. Community School faculty and staff can also serve as helpful resources in this endeavor. 


The Community School remains committed to helping our students understand their world and contribute to the process of making it a better place.


Amy Fulwyler            Manish Bhatt

Head of School        Incoming Head of School