Letter from Laramie Maxwell (JHCS Class of 2008)

Dear JHCS Alumni,


What is your favorite JHCS moment? For me it’s impossible to pick one. Rounds of birdie on a perch, end of the year trips to Stanley, ID, and finals week brunch are but a few. Not to mention the incredible relationships with teachers and staff, the way they went above and beyond to make sure we truly understood concepts, had the materials that we needed to get the work done, were caught up after absences for sports, and, in the days of snack shack, even provided us with all the best snacks. To have loads of FUN with supportive classmates and highly competent teachers while also receiving a top of the line high school education is something I feel incredibly privileged to have experienced. I know I’m not alone.


As alumni we play an important role in supporting the school. We can engage in many ways and financial support is one of them. The Community School remains an amazing place and it needs our help to continue to be the top-notch institution that we all know and love. Let’s donate to ensure current and future students receive the same incredible education that we did. Please consider making a donation of any amount by June 30th, 2019, the end of the fiscal year, to support our alma mater.


Donating is as easy as clicking HERE. If you are wondering what an appropriate amount to give might be, see below:


Classes of 2007 – 2011: $100 - $200

Classes of 2012 – 2018: $25 - $50


Of course, if you are able to give more, please do! JHCS shaped our lives; let’s show our gratitude!


All my best,


Laramie Maxwell

JHCS Class of 2008


PS: Be on the lookout for information about JHCS’ 15 year anniversary celebration this Fall!!!