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1. What is the Community School's mission?
The Jackson Hole Community School prepares students to succeed in college and life, through challenging academics and excellence in teaching, in a community founded on personal relationships, student initiative, and integrity.

2. Where is the school located? What are the facilities like?
JHCS occupies the southwest corner of the Flat Creek Business Center, located at 1715 High School Road. We are located across from Jackson Hole High School, adjacent to the public playing fields that are east of Colter Elementary School. The facilities currently include teaching classrooms, two science labs, a common area, a student lounge, faculty offices, and wireless capabilities throughout our two buildings. 

3. How many students attend JHCS? What grades are offered?

This year, JHCS has 102 students in grades 9–12. 

4. Describe the JHCS curriculum.

JHCS offers a rigorous academic curriculum and provides support to students to ensure their success. Students take courses in core subject areas: English, Social Studies, Math, Science, Foreign Language, and the Arts. As an independent school, JHCS is able to utilize talented community members and thereby offer a rich menu of electives, such as architecture, creative writing, and photography (see the Course Description Guide on this website under the "Academics" tab for details). In addition to academics, all students participate in community service projects, and senior students undertake a project in an area of interest during their last semester at JHCS. Attention to and support for individual students is achieved through small class sizes, along with faculty/student advisory groups, tutoring, and a college counseling program. 

5. What makes JHCS distinct?

o Small class sizes (averaging 15 students)
o Individualized attention
o Faculty advisory groups
o School-wide "town hall" meetings
o Student/Faculty Honor Council
o Small group educational trips 

6. What extra-curricular activities are offered?

Each student must participate in one (1) extracurricular activity and one (1) athletic activity per school year. Students can meet this requirement through participation in activities and athletics at JHHS or through volunteering, theater, or an internship or job. Individualized athletic programs, such as dance, figure skating, or skiing, may fulfill part of the yearly requirement. JHCS also offers a variety of clubs, which are created and managed by students, and provides time during the school day for clubs to meet.

7. What type of schedule is used?

Students at JHCS take six academic classes per year. The daily schedule provides a modified block system. One day each week, the day is split into 50-minute periods with a 40-minute lunch. On the remaining four days, students have three (or four) academic classes that meet for 75 minutes each. In addition, on these four days all students have a block, named Grizzly Time, during which they can participate in a club. Once a week, the entire community participates in Town Hall and Advisory meetings, and helps clean the school.

8. How is the school accredited?

JHCS is fully accredited by AdvancEd, a national accreditation organization, and the Northwest Association of Independent Schools.

9. How have JHCS students fared in college admissions?

As a result of our challenging, comprehensive curriculum our students are well prepared for college. Our Director of College Counseling is very pro-active with college admissions offices on behalf of our students. Our graduating seniors have been accepted to 194 colleges and universities throughout the US and the world. See where our students have been accepted by clicking the "College Acceptance" link on the bottom left of this page.

10. What is the tuition? Are scholarships and financial aid available?

This year tuition for JHCS is $30,500. Building a diverse student body is central to JHCS' mission and philosophy. Tuition Assistance is available, based on need. This year 25% of the JHCS student body will receive tuition assistance. To learn more about financial aid, please visit the admissions tab on our website.

11. Do all JHCS faculty members have teaching certificates?

At JHCS, we believe that expertise in one's subject area and a passion for, and understanding of, educating young adults lead to excellent teaching. While many of our teachers are certified, we do not allow a lack of certification to be an obstacle for a talented teacher. That said, 65% of our teaching faculty have advanced degrees in their subject area(s).