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Admissions Overview

The Jackson Hole Community School offers an intimate and engaging learning environment where students enjoy a healthy balance of challenge and support. We value character development and academic achievement and recruit well-rounded students who arrive curious about the world, take initiative in learning, and value the strength of community. Our teachers build relationships with our students outside the classroom as advisors and club sponsors, during community service projects, and on outdoor trips.

The meaningful relationships created at JHCS last long after graduation, and the knowledge, skills, and character developed here prepare our students exceptionally well for college and life beyond.

We invite interested families to visit the school, arrange a tour of the campus, and schedule an opportunity for your child to spend a day shadowing one of our current students. Spending time on campus allows you to immerse yourself in our community and to experience our culture firsthand. 

We are committed to making our exceptional educational experience accessible for all students, regardless of their family’s financial resources. Currently, 25% of JHCS students receive merit- or need-based financial assistance, totaling over $500,000 per year. If you have questions about assistance opportunities at the Community School, please don’t hesitate to ask.

At JHCS, your student will have an opportunity to cultivate their specific interests, practice the mentorship and leadership skills necessary for a thriving community, and develop meaningful relationships with faculty as they navigate their critical high school years. We are confident that learning more about our school will change your perspective on what a high-school experience can be.

We look forward to meeting you.


Ella Ginsbury

Director of Admissions

[email protected]

307-733-5427 x104