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Senior Project

A JHCS graduation requirement, the Senior Project is a capstone and culmination of 12+ years of learning, an opportunity to investigate personal passions, a showcase for critical thinking skills, and an integral part of every JHCS student's legacy.

All projects have a research, writing, and field work component, and projects are formally presented at Senior Symposium at the end of each school year. To complete Senior Projects, students demonstrate initiative by managing their time independently and effectively, utilizing community resources, and employing scholarly research methods. Students can choose to express their findings and learning through the creation of a Product or via an Apprenticeship in our local community. A sampling of past projects include:


Ethics of the Stock Market and Stock Trading

How to Build a Drone

The Impact of Altitude on the Likelihood of Brain Disease

Improvisational Acting

Social Media’s Impact on the Mental Health of Teenagers

The Ski Industry and Climate Change through Film

Addressing Social Taboos through Mixed Media

Designing an Efficient and Affordable Jackson Hole Home

The Importance of Female Athlete Role Models in Society

Building Community Through Mountain Biking

The Impact of Light Pollution

Writing and Recording Original Music as a Culmination of a Personal Study