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To Whom Do I Turn?

Students are encouraged to work out concerns on their own as much as possible. Your first question when your student comes home with an issue should be: “Did you speak to your teacher or your advisor about the situation?” If your child has spoken to the teacher and his/her advisor, and the problem remains, please refer to the appropriate member of the Administrative Staff. Also, keep in mind that Ted Smith is always willing to speak with you about any matters that arise.


Administrative Staff

Ted Smith

Head of School

[email protected]

Julie Alexander

Director of Curricular Affairs and Institutional Growth

[email protected] 

Mark Holbrook


[email protected]

Jason Fritts

Operations Manager

[email protected]

Ella Ginsbury

Director of Admissions

[email protected]


Grace Tirapelle

Director of Advancement

[email protected]


Beth Caputi

College Counselor

[email protected]

Dave Baczko

Assistant College Counselor

[email protected]

Donna Tully

Director of Academic Systems and Registrar

[email protected]

Amelia Nebenzahl

Grade 9 and 10 Dean of Students

[email protected]

Smith Maddrey

Grade 11 and 12 Dean of Students

[email protected]

Jamie Lasden

School Counselor and Learning Specialist

[email protected]


Head of School: Ted Smith ([email protected])

  • School Policies
  • External administrative questions
  • Fundraising


Operations Manager: Jason Fritts ([email protected])

  • Attendance, absences, and tardies


Director of Curricular Affairs and Institutional Growth: Julie Alexander ([email protected])

  • Internal administrative questions (teacher, curricular, alternative study programs, etc)


College Counselor: Beth Caputi ([email protected])


Deans of Students: Amelia Nebenzahl ([email protected]) (grades 9-10) and Smith Maddrey ([email protected]) (grades 11-12)

  • Advisors and advisor groups
  • Student expectations and policies 
  • Honor Code/Honor Council 
    • (and/or contact the Honor Council Coordinator, Dave Baczko [email protected]
    • Conduct System
  • Non-academic concerns (ie: social/emotional/physical health) about your child of which you would like the school to be aware (and/or contact the child’s advisor or School Counselor)


Director of Academic Systems and Registrar: Donna Tully ([email protected])

  • Activities (PE) credit
  • JHHS sport/club participation
  • Course enrollment and/or questions about partner programs (Global Online Academy and One Schoolhouse)
  • Schoology access or questions
  • Transcript and report card requests
  • Student schedules


Director of Admissions: Ella Ginsbury ([email protected])

  • Admissions inquiries
  • Student shadow visits
  • Ambassador program inquiries


Director of Advancement: Grace Tirapelle ([email protected])

  • Ways to support JHCS
  • School communications
  • Strategic partnerships and alumni and community relations
  • Gala and/or silent auction
School Counselor & Learning Specialist: Jamie Lasden ([email protected])
  • Accommodation plans
  • Behavioral issues and social concerns (and/or Advisor; appropriate Dean)



  • Grades 
  • Making arrangements for upcoming absences of length
  • Questions about child’s school experience