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Who Do I Go To For What?

Students are encouraged to work out issues on their own as much as possible. Your first question when your student comes home with an issue should be: “Did you speak to your teacher or your advisor about the situation?” If your child has spoken to the teacher and his/her advisor, and the issue remains, please refer to the following chain of command. Also, keep in mind that Manish Bhatt is always happy to speak with you about any issues that arise.

Administrative Team

Shannon Brooks Hamby

Interim Head of School

Director of Advancement


Rachel Coppola

Administrative & Facilities Coordinator

Ella Ginsbury

Director of Admissions

David Heinemann

Director of College Counseling

Karen Hodges

Business Manager



Absences, Tardies, or Virtual Attendance: Rachel Coppola

Activities Questions: Karen Hodges

Admissions: Ella Ginsbury

Advisor Issue: Shannon Brooks Hamby

Behavioral Issues/Social Concerns: Your student's advisor

Billing Questions: Karen Hodges

College Questions: David Heinemann

Concern about a class (e.g., amount of homework, confusion about lessons): Teacher, then department head or Shannon Brooks Hamby

Donations: Shannon Brooks Hamby
Dress Code Questions: Shannon Brooks Hamby

Financial Aid Info: Karen Hodges and then Shannon Brooks Hamby 

Gifts or Support for JHCS: Shannon Brooks Hamby

Grades: Your student’s advisor and then Shannon Brooks Hamby

Honor Code/Honor Council: David Heinemann

Illness Policy: Rachel Coppola
Marks/Conduct System: Shannon Brooks Hamby

Parent Association: Shannon Brooks Hamby
Schoology Help: Your student’s advisor

Scheduling Issue: David Heinemann
School Marketing: Shannon Brooks Hamby
Gala & Auction: Shannon Brooks Hamby

Major concern about a teacher (ie. my student being treated unfairly, inappropriate behavior): Shannon Brooks Hamby