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College Counseling

The Community School's College Counseling Program is designed around the student and their goals for the college search and selection process. This is a personal process, and it can be challenging for students to detach from peer experiences and goals, parental expectations, and the global view of what it means to go to college and to go to a certain "type” of college.

JHCS' College Counseling Program helps guide and advise students through the process and helps students and parents avoid the stresses related to this process. It is an exciting time in students' lives, and the college process should add to their high school experience, not detract from it. During this process the entire community must rely on trust and develop open lines of communication. As the process begins, the counseling program encourages students to keep an open mind, keep things in perspective, communicate with their parents, and trust in themselves to make good decisions. JHCS’s size allows us to fully support all of our students as they set and achieve their college goals.

Choosing the right fit for college can be one of the most important decisions young people make. The decision to go to college, and the choice about where, should be a rewarding experience for the student. The process should reveal the tremendous opportunities open to students graduating from JHCS. Choosing a college is a time for exploration and excitement.

Please reach out with any questions to the JHCS College Counselor, Beth Caputi: [email protected]