Roxana Wortman

How long have you been working in education?

I have been teaching Spanish for 12 years

In what areas?


How long at JHCS?

I have worked at JHCS for 6 years.

What do you do outside working at JHCS?

When I am not at work, I love gathering with friends and family to share the ups and lows of our amazing human experience.

What is your most rewarding part of the day at JHCS?

The most rewarding part of a regular day at JHCS is the moment when I step into my classroom and I feel the huge privilege to share that space and that moment with valuable human lives. I love the opportunity of growth that each class brings. 

What drew you to the field of education?

After working as a food engineer and a business administrator in Peru for a decade, I decided to change my career path and become a second language teacher. I had realized that I was lacking a greater sense of human connection and purpose in my professional life. Teaching gives me the opportunity to affect and being affected by others, and I believe that as educators we are in this endeavor of facilitating the peaceful advancement of our society.