Ashley Satterthwaite

How long have you been in working in education?

15 years

In what areas?

The majority of my time in education has been spent as a mathematics teacher, although over the last 5 years or so I have turned my attention towards addressing and ensuring the mission and vision of schools more broadly, and providing support to faculty and staff to deliver more fully on a school’s purpose.

How long at JHCS?

2 years

What do you do outside working at JHCS?

Running, romping around GTNP with my family, and laundry.

What is your most rewarding part of the day at JHCS?

Working with and supporting the faculty and students.

What drew you to the field of education?

Initially a chance to give back after having been so richly rewarded with an excellent education of my own.  Now, I’m eager in facilitating opportunities and active learning experiences where students discover their own interests and value, connect with their community, and draw upon their own talents and strengths to make a positive impact.