From the Desk of Amy Fulwyler

Dear JHCS Families and Friends, 

Happy 2020! This is a big year for The Community School, as we move into our 16th year and embark on our next phase with The School’s new Head, Manish Bhatt. I am very excited about The School’s next chapter, because while change is always challenging, it provides so many new opportunities and avenues for growth. I am looking forward to helping Manish get off to a fantastic start!

Part of doing all we can to provide Manish with a positive beginning at JHCS entails ensuring that The School is as strong and healthy as possible. As you all know, finances are a major factor in that level of strength. Current parents have no doubt seen a recent email from us explaining what tuition will be for the 2020-2021 school year, and you know that it is not an insignificant amount. And yet, The School’s total tuition revenue does not cover all of our expenses.  This year, the actual cost of educating each of our students exceeds the per-student tuition amount by about $3,000. This means that JHCS automatically subsidizes every single student who attends, over and above any financial aid and/or scholarship a student may receive. Simply put, an engaging, personal, high-quality educational experience is not inexpensive.

Research shows that young people benefit enormously from being part of diverse student body, because working with individuals from different backgrounds promotes invaluable critical thinking skills, creativity, and a more sophisticated understanding of the world. (In the words of Katherine Phillips’ article in Scientific American, “Diversity makes us smarter.”) As a school, we remain committed to having the most inclusive and dynamic study body possible. To this end, this year we are providing $560,000 in tuition assistance and scholarships.

In addition, we know that working with outstanding teachers who are experts in their fields and are committed to creating strong relationships with each of their students can be life-changing for students. Thus, we support and retain our teachers with fair compensation and healthy professional development funds. New course offerings and new equipment for our classrooms are among our most important expenses, and we do everything we can to avoid compromising quality in those areas. As you all know, we are a small school and yet we offer numerous meaningful opportunities. We have so much to be proud of!

Please join me in continuing to contribute to The Community School through time, talent, and treasure. Our remarkable school has flourished since 2004, thanks to the vision and commitment of our extraordinary supporters, and will thrive for years to come with continued dedication from all of us who believe in the importance of educational choice and the power of an exceptional high school experience.

Best regards,